As part of our norms shifting activities on Gender Based Violence (GBV), USAID/MCGL/Essential Health Network for Rural Dwellers project team, On Monday the 17th of July supervised the women of Peace and Love Ladies  Savings and Loans Group of Ojienya Village, where they shared their success story on how they were able to raise money to rent a land for collective farming, with the knowledge shared to them by the MCGL project team, whereby at harvest season, the proceeds from the farm will be shared amongst members of the group.

This brilliant idea was the brainchild of the members of the group as they have been able to grow from not just saving money, but have also been able to invest the interest generated  from loans given to different members of the group.

The women, led by the leader of the group Mrs Monica Nwofoke, were happy as they showed off their already cultivated collective farm which from the photos shown above is blossoming richly. They expressed gratitude to the team for bringing such great opportunity to their community as they  have been indeed empowered .