Despite being credited for being the first state in Nigeria to formally adopt laws prohibiting FGM, Ebonyi state is still miles away from achieving zero FGM state. Evidence exists showing that various forms of FGM are still in practice albeit secretly in different communities of the state. This calls for massive sensitization on FGM prevention as an important step towards achieving FGM-free state.

As part of our continued effort towards ensuring an end to all forms of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) especially Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), our Executive Director, Prof. Henry Uro-Chukwu on 3rd April, 2021 engaged the media and a number of other stakeholders including Ebonyi state government resource persons, organized female lawyers, CSOs and human right activists in a radio session to sensitize the public on prevailing issues of FGM in Ebonyi state and possible prevention strategies.

Expert opinions from a medley of experts and key actors on GBV particularly FGM prevention in the state were key highlights of this sensitization program. The most exciting part of the program was a phone-in session which allowed massive audience participation to the program. This was key as it revealed very interesting insights into public view of FGM in Ebonyi state context.  For us at EHNRD, ideas drawn from this program especially those of the public can be a very useful component of our future programming in areas of FGM in the state.