Ebonyi state is one of the few states in Nigeria with National Obstetrics Fistula Centre. However, the prevalence of Fistula in the state still stands at an unwelcome level. In 2020, Essential Health Network for Rural Dwellers in partnership with National Obstetrics Fistula Centre (NOFIC), Abakaliki and Circles & Frames LTD, a consultancy firm in Nigeria embarked on a project aimed towards getting rid of Fistula in the state through community mobilization and sensitization activities on Obstetrics Fistula prevention in different communities in Ebonyi state.

The core objective of the Nigeria federal government funded project was to eliminate fistula in the state, encourage women to attend ante-natal care as well as give birth in the hospital. Our targets were the very remote communities with limited access to information. With our team of experts on ground, we ensured that our messages sank well in the minds of the local people through various training and sensitization approaches involving one-on-one interactions in their various dialects, group discussions, demonstrations and role modelling. Immediate results were seen through positive feedbacks from the people, on-site case identification, various expressions of satisfaction, recommendations from the local people and volunteering.