Social Behavioural Change community activities in EHNRD-supported communities

Facilitation Training for VOICES Community Facilitators

On the 26th of May, The SBCC team conducted Facilitation training for Voices Facilitators at the state audit office, Mile 50. This exercise aimed to equip the facilitators with the necessary skills to engage participants and effectively carry out the VOICES activity which targets couples and parents in normal shifting activities that will help stop [...]

MCGL SASA together Start Phase community leaders and activist meeting .

    The "MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership" (MCGL) is a four-year USAID-funded project run by Jhpiego in consortium partnership with Save the Children, PACT and The Manhoff Group (TMG). The project is working on preventing and mitigating the consequences of violence against women and girls and identifying possible drivers of Forced Early and Child [...]